mobicents restcomm mysql bundle #5

Supports: trusty

Juju Restcomm MySQL Bundle

Deploying/Starting Juju

#boostrap Juju environment
juju bootstrap
#get logs
juju debug-log
# deploy juju gui
juju deploy juju-gui
#expose juju-gui for public access
juju expose juju-gui

juju-quickstart option

If you have juju-quickstart to deploy and connect to juju GUI use this one command for current bootstrapped envrioment. See also:


Deploying RestComm - All Integrated Bundle

Import this bundle through the Juju GUI that you just deployed previously by browsing the Charm Store or importing the bundle.yaml file

Test RestComm Charm

Go to http://public_ip:8080/restcomm-management or http://public_ip:8080/restcomm-management (username:, password: RestComm) for Admininstration

WebRTC call

Go to http://public_ip:8080/olympus for WebRTC P2P Live Video chat

Please refer to this link: for the most up-to-date information about browser WebRTC support.

Clean enviroment

When you done, you can clean ennviroment and destroy all services (do not terminate machines).

juju-deployer -D

Bundle configuration