isc dhcp #1

Supports: trusty
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This is a subordinate charm that helps facilitate
the installation configuration, maintenance of isc-dhcp server.


This charm provides ISC DHCP server, for more information on ISC DHCP ->
This charms target platform is Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.


To add isc-dhcp to your environment:

juju deploy isc-dhcp

and so on. If you're providing a web service or something that the end user needs to go to, tell them here, especially if you're deploying a service that might listen to a non-default port.

You can then browse to http://ip-address to configure the service.

If the charm has any recommendations for running at scale, outline them in examples here. For example if you have a memcached relation that improves performance, mention it here.

This not only helps users but gives people a place to start if they want to help you add features to your charm.


The configuration options will be listed on the charm store, however If you're making assumptions or opinionated decisions in the charm (like setting a default administrator password), you should detail that here so the user knows how to change it immediately, etc.

Contact Information

Though this will be listed in the charm store itself don't assume a user will know that, so include that information here:

  • Upstream website
  • Upstream bug tracker
  • Upstream mailing list or contact information
  • Feel free to add things if it's useful for users


(string) Dhcp gateway
(string) Dhcp netmask
(string) Comma deleniated string of ranges
(string) Interface to run dhcp on