nova hyperv #34

Supports: win2012 win2012r2 win2012hv win2012hvr2 win2016 win2016nano
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OpenStack Compute, codenamed Nova, is a cloud computing fabric controller. In addition to its "native" API (the OpenStack API), it also supports the Amazon EC2 API.

Charm overview

This charm provides Openstack Nova compute for Hyper-V.

Charm usage

juju deploy nova-hyperv
juju add-relation nova-hyperv nova-cloud-controller
juju add-relation nova-hyperv rabbitmq-server
juju add-relation nova-hyperv glance

Charm config

Ideally you will deploy this charm to a machine that has at least 2 network cards. If only one is present, this charm will add that interface to a vmswitch and enable management OS on the bridge itself.

If more then one NIC is present, you will have to specify the data-port using the charm config. When adding a new node, make sure to update the data-port field using:

juju set nova-hyperv data-port="aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:ab"

where aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:ab is the second machine.


(string) Computer group that will be joined after adding AD relation.
(string) Organizational unit container used after joining AD domain.
(string) User that will created after adding AD relation.
(boolean) The hostname set inside the newly spawned machine is usually the same as the name of the instance being spawned. In cases where the instance name is larger then 15 characters (maximum size for windows NetBios names), the instance name gets truncated to the first 15 characters. This creates a problem, as hostnames in active directory, for example, are very important. Having more then one machine with the same hostname try to join the same domain, will create trust issues. This option allows changing the hostname of the current running system to a combination of the first 14 (or less, depending on how many digits the unit number has) characters of the charm name and the unit number. While this is not infallible, It does have less of a chance of creating hostname conflicts.
(string) Represents the size occupied by the CSV requested from the s2d-proxy charm on the Capacity tier. Example: '20GB' or '20480MB' NOTE: Please, also look at the 'csv-performance-size' config option, above as these configuration options are used together.
(string) Represents the size occupied by the CSV requested from the s2d-proxy charm on the Performance tier. In a Hyper-Converged scenario, each nova-hyperv unit requests a CSV to store the virtual machines. Example: '20GB' or '20480MB' When the above is requested from the s2d-proxy charm, if there's is enough available space in the Performance tier, the volume will be created. NOTE: If you optionally specify 'csv-capacity-size', then that requirement must be fullfiled as well.
(string) Ethernet interface to use for vmswitch. This can be a MAC address or an interface name. This option is mandatory if more then one interface is present on the target system. In cases where there is only one interface on the system, the vmswitch will be created using that interface and OSManagement will be set to True, regardless of the vmswitch-management option. Avoid using the management interface as a data interface where system has more then one NIC.
(boolean) Enable debug logging.
(boolean) Enables the Hyper-V compute driver for clustering. This requires at least two Hyper-V compute joined to a cluster. NOTE: Available only in releases >= Mitaka
(string) Overwrite default installer location. Take care to set the correct openstack-version as that will be used by the charm to pick the correct config templates. If you use this option, you may enable file integrity checking by specifying an md5sum at the end of the URL as follows:<hash>
(string) Location in which to store VM disks. Defaults to '<system_drive_letter>:\OpenStack\Instances'.
(boolean) This flag is needed to support live migration to hosts with different CPU features and checked during instance creation in order to limit the CPU features used by the instance.
(string) Log folder location. Defaults to '<system_drive_letter>:\OpenStack\Log'.
(int) Maximum concurrent live migrations.
(string) Neutron agent to use. Valid options are: * hyperv * ovs
(string) Version of OpenStack Nova Compute to install. Choices are: * mitaka * newton * ocata
(string) The IP address and netmask of the OpenStack Data network (e.g.: This network will be used for tenant network traffic in overlay networks. NOTE: If ovs is selected as the network type, this option overrides data-port. OVS on Windows requires that the os data network be set on a NIC. That means that if an interface has an IP in the os-data-network range, that interface will be added to the vmswitch. There is a caveat here. If os-data-network is on a different interface then data-port, it might result in the hyper-v compute nodes not being able to use VLAN network segregation.
(string) Download URL of the OVS MSI installer.
(string) Username used to access rabbitmq queue.
(string) Rabbitmq vhost.
(boolean) Enable verbose logging.
(boolean) Allow management OS on this vm switch. If True, the switch will be set in DHCP mode.
(string) Name of the Hyper-V virtual switch. Defaults to 'br100'.