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Supports: xenial

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Instana is a fully automatic APM solution.


Instana is a fully automatic APM solution that is only comprised of two major components: the Agent and the Backend. This charm will deploy the Agent as soon as it gets related to a kubernetes-master charm.


This charm is a subordinate of Kubernetes master, therefore you should have a
Kubernetes deployment already in place.

Please take a look at the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes
or the Kubernetes core bundles for
examples of complete models of Kubernetes clusters.

Since the Instana needs priviliged containers you should also make sure this option in enabled in the Kuberneted deployment:

juju config kubernetes-master allow-privileged=true
juju config kubernetes-worker allow-privileged=true

Deploying the Instana charm is done with:

juju deploy cs:~instana-charms/instana
juju add-relation kubernetes-master instana

At this point the charm should be 'blocked' promptting you to 'Please provide a valid key'. Providing the key is as simple as:

juju config instana base64_key=`echo "<agent key>" | base64`


This charm will need an agent authkey you should get from Instana.

You can also set the Instana endpoint and port
as described here

If you wish to configure the application at deployment time please consult the respective Juju documentation

More information


(string) The base 64 representation of the auth key to access Instana
(string) The Instana host endpoint
(string) The Instana endpoint port