ibmjavasdk #6

Supports: trusty
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DEPRECATED: please use ibm-java instead.


This charm is no longer being maintained. Please use ibm-java instead.


(boolean) The IBM Java SDK software can only be used by accepting the terms and conditions for IBM Java SDK License. Setting this option to True indicates that you have read and accepted the IBM Java SDK terms and conditions found in the license file. The details about accessing the license(s) can be found in the README.
(string) Name of the IBM Java SDK package. If not set, the Charm uses a predefined package name for download from the url location. If the predefined package is not available at url location or if set incorrectly, the charm cannot install the IBM Java SDK software.
(string) Target installation directory for the IBM Java SDK
(string) Download url for IBM Java SDK packages. The url would be like http://<server-name>/<REPOSITORY_DIR>/<PRODUCT_NAME>. If not set or set incorrectly, the charm cannot install the IBM Java SDK software.
(string) Checksum value to check integrity of IBM Java SDK package. The Charm uses sha1sum to check the integrity. If empty, it does not carry out the integrity check. Refer README file to find out Checksum value for downloaded package. Cryptographic value should be altered by the user only when the package name is change. Else it should not be altered.