ibm pac helper #0

Supports: trusty

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Exposes a remote database configuration.

Helper charm for IBM Platform Application Center (PAC) charm.


This IBM Platform Application Center helper Charm has to be used with ibm-platform-ac charm to connect to remote MySQL database.
When you add relation with ibm-platform-ac charm it will create "pac" database on mysql container. This database is required for Platform Application Center installation and configuration purpose.

This charm can be used only if MySQL and Platform Application Center applications are deployed in different container.


ibm-pac-helper is a subordinate charm that can be related to MySQL and ibm-platform-ac existing services in your environment. Deployment is simple:

Run the following to deploy this charm:

    juju deploy ibm-pac-helper

relation commands are explained in ibm-platform-ac README file.

Contact Information

For issues with this charm, please contact IBM Juju Support Team