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Supports: trusty


IBM Integration Bus provides for message integration services to transport multiple types of data. It also supports an (optional) relation to IBM MQ where features from IBM MQ can be leveraged by IBM Integration Bus

Charm for IBM Integration Bus(IB)



IBM Integration Bus can be used to connect applications together, regardless of the message formats or protocols that they support.

This connectivity means that your diverse applications can interact and exchange data with other applications in a flexible, dynamic, and extensible infrastructure. IBM Integration Bus routes, transforms, and enriches messages from one location to any other location.

More information available at the IBM Knowledge Center


Download your licensed IBM IB software for Ubuntu and put up it's contents on a web server like Apache and configure Apache to serve this package. This package can be then be accessed using a URL from the web server.

Creating the repositories in Apache

Run steps below with admin access

Install needed packages apt-get install dpkg-dev apache2 Create a repository on Apache server under your Apache repository directory. Configure Apache server to allow access to the repository.

To install the downloaded binaries you must agree to the IBM license. You can view the full license for IBM Integration Bus by visiting the Software license agreements search website. Search for "IBM Integration Bus" and choose the license that applies to the version you are using.

Run the following to deploy this charm:

juju deploy ibm-ib

At this point the charm will wait until the user accepts the license. If you agree to the license, run the following command:

If the URL and package is configured in the config.yaml:

juju set ibm-ib accept-ibm-ib-license=True

If not, juju set ibm-ib accept-ibm-ib-license=True url= package=

IBM Integration Bus can take advantage of additional functionality provided by IBM MQ product. Look up the MQ charm for it's deployment details. It is necessary to deploy MQ to the same container as IB::

juju deploy ibm-mq --to <machine number of IB>
juju set ibm-mq accept-ibm-mq-license=True

To setup a relation between IB and MQ:

juju add-relation ibm-mq ibm-ib

To remove a relation between IB and MQ:

juju remove-relation ibm-mq ibm-ib


Before you can use or install IBM IB, you must accept the terms of International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs and additional license information. Please read the license agreement carefully.

Check the Usage section on getting the license agreement.

Set the value of accept-ibm-ib-license to True if you agree to IBM IB license.

The IBM IB software cannot be installed until the terms and conditions are accepted. The charm will not function correctly until the this configuration option is set to True.

The web server URL from which IBM IB install package can be downloaded.

The IB Package name. If not set, it is assigned the value "IIB_V10.0.0_LINUX_X86-64.tar.gz" for x86_64 based machine.

sha Checksum value to check integrity of IBM IB pacakage. The Charm uses sha1sum to check the integrity. If empty, it does not carry out the integrity check.

IBM IB Information

(1) General Information Information on IBM IB available at the IB Infocenter.

(2) Download Information Information on procuring IB product is available at the Passport Advantage Site

A Developer version is available here

A trial version is available here

(3) Contact Information For issues with this charm, please contact


(boolean) The IBM Integration Bus (IB) software can only be used by accepting the terms and conditions for IBM Integration Bus License. Setting this option to True indicates that you have read and accepted the IBM IB terms and conditions found in the license file. The details about accessing the license(s) can be found in the README. Do not set this to False if a relation exists
(string) Name of the IB package. If not set, the Charm uses a predefined package name for download from the url location. If the predefined package is not available at url location or if set incorrectly, the charm cannot install the IBM IB software.
(string) Checksum value to check integrity of IBM IB pacakage. The Charm uses sha1sum to check the integrity. If empty, it does not carry out the integrity check.
(string) URL to download IBM Integration Bus packages. If not set or set incorrectly, the charm cannot install the IBM IB software.