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Supports: xenial


IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Linux, UNIX, and Windows is a data analysis and recovery tool that accesses DB2 systems through a browser client and a command line processor (CLP)

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Charm for IBM DB2 RE V5.1 LUW



IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Linux, UNIX, and Windows is a data analysis and recovery tool that accesses DB2 systems through a browser client and a command line processor (CLP). DB2 Recovery Expert performs detailed log analysis and recovery operations which helps organizations to protect their valuable data. For details on DB2, as well as information on purchasing, please visit: Product Page LUW and [Product Page Express][product-page-express]

More information available at the IBM Knowledge Center


The user will need to procure the appropriate license to be able to download and use IBM DB2 RE.

To acquire and download DB2 RE, follow instructions available at Product Page LUW or [Product Page Express][product-page-express]. The tab Support&downloads in Product Page LUW gives different options for downloading the packages.

Download steps for IBM DB2 RE 5.1 using Passport Advantage is mentioned in [Downloading IBM DB2 RE 5.1 for LUW][download-db2 RE]. The Part Number used is CN9X5ML for s390x platform. To get more information on accessing Passport Advantage please visit the link Accessing Passport Advantage.

To install the downloaded binaries you must agree to the IBM license. You can view the full license for DB2 RE by visiting the Software license agreements search website. Search for "DB2 Recoveryexpert 5.1" and choose the license that applies to the version you are using.

In case you already have an IBM account and cannot download the product or for other error during SW download, please refer to the IBM Support Site to solve the error.

Memory and Disk Requirements

Storage and memory requirements: A minimum of 1 GB of disk space should be available on the file system where the DB2 Recovery Expert server components will be installed. Additional space may be required for storing activity logs and intermediate result data that is made available to the DB2 Recovery Expert browser clients. The amount will depend on the type of product activity. At least 1 GB of temporary space should be available during installation on the system temporary file system (the /tmp file system on Linux/UNIX systems, or the location specified by the TEMP variable on Windows systems).A minimum of 2 GB of available memory is recommended


To deploy DB2 charm RE, run the following command:

  1. Make sure the appropriate memory requirements are made available
    juju deploy ibm-db2-re --resource=<path_to_ibm_db2_re> --series=xenial

To use this charm, you must agree to the Terms of Use. You can view the full license for ibm-db2-re.

This charm requires acceptance of Terms of Use. When deploying from the Charm Store, these terms will be presented to you for your consideration. To accept the terms:

    juju agree ibmcharmers/ibm-db2-re/1

Uninstallation of IBM DB2

we can uninstall the IBM DB2 RE charm by running the following command.

    juju remove-application ibm-db2-re

Configuring IBM DB2 CLP:

The CLP client is optional.If the user only wants to use the browser UI client, they don't need to install the CLP.

If they want the CLP, it can be installed on any system (or on multiple systems); it does not need to be installed on the same system where the RE server exists. It is just a client application; the user will point it to the repository database used by the RE server.

Enter the CLP Command prompt by run the below command after the CLP installed on your server.

cd /opt/ibm/RE/CLP/bin/

and run the below commands to configure IBM DB2 RE

  • For configuring the repository, run the command:

    set configuration repository to host <hostname> port <port> database <database-alias> [user <user> password [<password>]]
  • For listing the instances, run the command:

    list instances
  • For getting db2 repository configured, run the command:

    get configuration repository

Post Deployment

After successfully completing the deployment, perform the following tasks

Add and configure the managed databases that are to be used with the product. 
Log in to the browser client with one of the following URLs:

The hostname that is used in the URL must be accessible from the system that is running the browser client. If the server and the browser client are in different domains, you must enter the fully qualified hostname in the URL.


Installation Verification

Once IBM DB2 RE charm is deployed, the user can log into the webclient using the username and password in the properties file. To verify IBM DB2 RE is installed, list the contents of the installation directory:

    juju run --application ibm-db2-re 'ls /opt/ibm/RE'

IBM DB2 RE Limitations

If you are running Linux containers on a host with kernel < 3.16, be advised that db2start will not succeed because of a hard coded 32MB kernel.shmmax setting. You will need to upgrade your host to kernel 3.16 or greater by following the instructions here:

DB2 RE also needs to be deployed using a non-zfs filesystem for container deployment. ZFS file system might cause some of the db2 commands to error out.

IBM DB2 RE Links and Contacts

(1) General Information Information on IBM DB2 RE available at the [DB2 RE Knowledgecenter][db2-recoveryexpert-knowledgecenter]

(2) Download Information Information on procuring DB2 product is available at the Passport Advantage Site

(3) Contact Information For issues with this charm, please contact