ibm cinder flashsystem #6

Supports: xenial
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Cinder is the block storage service for the Openstack project. This charm provides IBM FlashSystem storage backend for Cinder

IBM FlashSystem FC Driver for Cinder

The volume driver for FlashSystem provides OpenStack Block Storage host with access to IBM FlashSystems.


This charm provides IBM Flashsystem FC Driver storage backend for use with the Cinder charm; this allows the block storage service for cinder charm, with a single Cinder deployment, potentially alongside other storage backends from other vendors.

ibm-cinder-flashsystem is a subordinate charm which needs a principal charm. The principal charm is the cinder charm.

To use:

juju deploy cinder
juju deploy ibm-cinder-flashsystem
juju add-relation ibm-cinder-flashsystem cinder


The charm would be deployed and take few config parameters as the driver requires access to the FlashSystem management interface using SSH. To set this run the following command:

All the values in config.yaml file can be configured as shown below:

juju config ibm-cinder-flashsystem san-ip="<ip address>"
juju config ibm-cinder-flashsystem san-login="<login_name>"
juju config ibm-cinder-flashsystem volume-backend-name="<flashsystems-x>"
juju config ibm-cinder-flashsystem san-password="<password>"
juju config ibm-cinder-flashsystem flashsystem_connection_protocol="<protocol type>"
juju config ibm-cinder-flashsystem flashsystem_multipath_enabled=True/False
juju config ibm-cinder-flashsystem flashsystem_multihost_enabled=True/False

san-ip, san-login, san-password and volume-backend-name are the mandatory config values.

To Remove the relation and application:

juju remove-relation cinder ibm-cinder-flashsystem
juju remove-application ibm-cinder-flashsystem
juju remove-application cinder

Known Limitations

This charm makes use of Juju features that are only available in version 2.0 or greater.

Contact Information

For issues with this charm, please contact IBM Juju Support Team


(string) Default protocol name for FlashSystem Driver.
(boolean) This is to Enable mapping vdisks to multiple hosts
(boolean) This is used to Enable multipath for FC connections
(string) This is the IP address of the FlashSystem.
(string) This is the user id to login FlasSystem.
(string) This is the password for FlasSystem.
(string) This value is denotes the name of volume backend.
(string) This value is denotes the name of volume driver.