sugarcrm #5

Supports: trusty


SugarCRM is a Customer Relationship Management system.


This charm provids SugarCRM Community Edition (CE) from

Sugar is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. The functionality includes sale-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support cases, and reporting. Developers can extend the application with new CRM functionality unique to their business. SugarCRM CE is built in PHP, and supports the MySQL database.


To deploy SugarCRM Community Edition:

    juju deploy sugarcrm

Sugar needs to communicate with a database. Juju makes it easy to add a MySQL database with the following commands:

    juju deploy mysql
    juju add-relation sugarcrm:database mysql:db

Expose SugarCRM:

    juju expose sugarcrm

When the sugarcrm service has finished deploying. use juju status sugarcrm to find the IP address of the SugarCRM system.

Browse to http://ip-address/sugarcrm to use the application.

The password for the SugarCRM application is temporarily set to: thisisaTEST! until we can charm up this as a configuration option. until we can charm up setting the

Loading Sample Data

To populate the database with sample data using Tidbit:

    juju set sugarcrm sample-users=100 sample-load=100

Scale Out Usage


The sugarcrm charm is designed to benefit by attaching a memcached cache to provide a faster and smoother site experience. To add memcached service first deploy memcached:

    juju deploy memcached

then relate it to the sugarcrm service:

    juju add-relation memcached sugarcrm

MySQL Replication

MySQL replication enables one database server (called the master) to replicate to one or more database servers (called slaves). MySQL replication is most beneficial for a system that processes frequent reads and infrequent writes.

If you are running MySQL with a slave set up you can attach SugarCRM directly to the MySQL slaves directly. To do this first set up a slave relation with MySQL (If you've already done so skip to the next set of commands):

    juju deploy mysql mysql-slave
    juju add-relation mysql:master mysql-slave:slave

Going forward you can scale out MySQL by adding slaves via: juju add-unit mysql-slave.

Create a relation between the new slave services and SugarCRM:

    juju add-relation sugarcrm:slave mysql-slave

Contact Information

SugarCRM Project Information

This charm was created by Matthew Bruzek and Tim Van Steenburgh


(boolean) The tuning options for PHP are turned on.
(boolean) Tuned for IBM power infrastructure.
(int) Number of sample Accounts to create.
(int) Number of sample Users to create.
(int) Maximum file size (in megabytes) that users can upload into Sugar as attachments.