node red #1

Supports: xenial
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Node.js Node Red application connecting to MongoDB, taking
input from simulated iBeacon input.

Node Red is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things

Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and
online services in new and interesting ways.

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This charm is part of the IBM Internet of Things Analytics on System Z bundle.

Demo bundle for IBM Interconnect 2016 Conference

This bundle deploys Node.js StrongLoop, Node.js NodeRed,
MongoDB, Spark, and zOS Connect targetted for the
System Z (s390 architecture).

Leveraging the s390 architecture high efficiency I/O
and uptime IoT requests are processed through Spark
and a Mongo data store with Node.js providing API
access and data handling. zOS Connect provides additional
access to System Z capabilities.


Step by step instructions on using the charm:

juju deploy node-red

Additional Information

Stop by the Ubuntu or Linux One booth to learn
how you can deploy these workloads in your environment.


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