magento #2

Supports: trusty


Magento community edition is an open source content management platform for e-commerce web sites.


This charm deploys Magento Community Edition.

Magento Community Edition is for developers who wants to build their own solution on a proven, flexible platform. You can modify the core code, and add features and functionality with extensions from the Magento Connect marketplace.


juju deploy magento
juju deploy mariadb
juju add-relation magento mariadb
juju expose magento

To view the Magento web site that you just deployed go to: http://magento-ip-address/
can get the ip address of magento by doing juju status

To view the Magento Admin Panel go to: http://magento-ip-address/admin Authenticate with: admin/passw0rd

Scale out Usage

Magento is a PHP web application that would benefit from a proxy service such as haproxy and varnish.

Known Limitations and Issues

This charm was written for demonstration purposes and is not ready for the charm review process. Specifically the configuraton is immutable, and the hooks may not be idepotent.


This charm contains the following configuration options:

version a string specifying the version of Magento to install. sample-data a boolean value to import the sample data.

Contact Information

The charm author is Macro Ceppi -

Magento Information


(string) Version of Magento to install