thruk #4

Supports: xenial bionic
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Thruk subordinate charm for Nagios.


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License: MIT

This subordinate charm deploys Thruk alongside Nagios deployed with the nagios charm.
The charm installs Thruk from the Consol Labs Repository from Consol.


Here is an example to get going:

juju deploy cs:~huntdatacenter/thruk
juju deploy nagios
juju config nagios enable_livestatus=true
juju add-relation nagios:juju-info thruk:juju-info


Here are some helpful commands to get started with development and testing:

$ make help
lint                 Run linter
build                Build charm
deploy               Deploy charm
upgrade              Upgrade charm
force-upgrade        Force upgrade charm
test-xenial-bundle   Test Xenial bundle
test-bionic-bundle   Test Bionic bundle
push                 Push charm to stable channel
clean                Clean .tox and build
help                 Show this help

Further information



(int) Determines whether html output from plugins is escaped or not.
(string) This link is used whenever you click on one of the main logos. By default those logos are the Thruk logos and the link will take you to the Thruk homepage. Replace this with where you want your home location to be.
(string) Path to Nagios livestatus socket.
(string) Changes the timezone from the systems default to this timezone. Only set this if you have trouble with displaying the right timestamps. Use /usr/share/zoneinfo on most linux systems for reference, as some timezones are set using the Region/Country format.