prometheus virtfs exporter #3

Supports: xenial bionic
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Prometheus VirtFS Exporter Charm.

Prometheus-VirtFS-Exporter Charm

Charm can relate to prometheus using a preferred endpoint target or alternatively manual-jobs. Preferred endpoint assures that all units are in the same group, while manual jobs get unique names by prometheus.


Exporter gathers metrics from nova-compute and libguestfs tools. This charm relates to the prometheus charm on the scrape interface, and provides a metrics endpoint for prometheus to scrape and is deployed as a subordinate on nova-compute:

juju deploy cs:~huntdatacenter/prometheus-virtfs-exporter virtfs-exporter
juju add-relation nova-compute:juju-info virtfs-exporter:nova-compute
juju add-relation prometheus:scrape virtfs-exporter:prometheus-target


Here are some helpful commands to get started with development and testing:

$ make help
lint                 Run linter
build                Build charm
deploy               Deploy charm
upgrade              Upgrade charm
force-upgrade        Force upgrade charm
test-xenial-bundle   Test Xenial bundle
test-bionic-bundle   Test Bionic bundle
push                 Push charm to stable channel
clean                Clean .tox and build
help                 Show this help


(boolean) Debug logging for exporter.
(string) IP on which the port is open. If none use unit_private_ip. Use "" for all interfaces.
(int) Port to bind http exporter.