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A modular interface on top of Salt that can provide a variety of entry
points into a running Salt system. It can start and manage multiple
interfaces allowing a REST API to coexist with XMLRPC or even a
Websocket API. The Salt API system is used to expose the fundamental
aspects of Salt control to external sources. salt-api acts as the
bridge between Salt itself and REST, Websockets, etc.


This charm provides the API service for Salt from

Salt is a powerful remote execution manager that can be used to
administer servers in a fast and efficient way. It allows commands to
be executed across large groups of servers. This means systems can be
easily managed, but data can also be easily gathered. Quick
introspection into running systems becomes a reality. Remote execution
is usually used to set up a certain state on a remote system. Salt
addresses this problem as well, the Salt state system uses Salt state
files to define the state a server needs to be in. Between the remote
execution system, and state management Salt addresses the backbone of
cloud and data center management.

This particular package provides the bridge between Salt itself and
REST, Websockets, etc.

Note: Be advised that while the Salt software is mature and proven, this particular packaging in a juju charm is rather untested.


Deploy the service:

juju deploy salt-api

The Salt API must reside on a Salt Master, which is deployed using the
salt-master charm.

Contact Information

Author: Henrik Holmboe
Report bugs at:
Source code at: