telegraf prometheus #1

Supports: centos7
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Minimal telegraf (influxdb) charm for centos7 with support for prometheus-client.


telegraf-prometheus for centos7 monitors with telegraf.

  • It adds in a influxdata yum repo repo to /etc/yum.repos.d/ which enables installation of telegraf and influxdb
  • Configures the listen port for prometheus-client and starts the services.
  • If there is a nvidia-smi + kernel driver, its collecting gpu information per default. (This check can be disabled with a charm config )

Telegraf plugins/config enabled

The charm uses this template (which tells you which plugins are enabled):


If you need to change it, contribute to the code.

Relations to other charms

The charm allows for a single relation (:prometheus-client) with prometheus

If you need more, contribute to the code.

Example deploy with prometheus2

The below deploys a monitoring stack of:

Example Deployment

# Deploy prometheus2
juju deploy prometheus2

# Deploy a bulk centos charm
$ juju deploy cs:~erik-lonroth/tiny-bash-centos

# Deploy the telegraf-prometheus
$ juju deploy telegraf-prometheus

# Relate the subordinate.
$ juju relate telegraf-prometheus tiny-bash

# Relate telegraf to prometheus2
$ juju relate prometheus2:target telegraf-prometheus:prometheus-client

# Expose prometheus
$ juju expose prometheus2

You should now be able to browse to your prometheus web and see the target in the web ui.

You can also use the prometheus endpoint in grafana as a DataSource to get nice looking graphs.

Charm configuration

You can configure which port the telegraf serivice listen to which prometheus can scrape:

juju config telegraf-prometheus port=9103

You can disable checks with nvidia-smi if you need:

juju config telegraf-prometheus disable_nvidia_smi=true

Operator actions/functions

This charm does not have any functions/actions yet.

More functionality wanted ?

  • Add more interfaces like the telegraf charm for ubuntu, like support for elastic-search etc.
  • Support other distros, such as ubuntu and centos8.


(boolean) Disable nvidia-smi for harvesting GPU metrics
(int) The port on which telegraf is scraped by prometheus clients