nfs client #0

Supports: trusty xenial bionic disco
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Installs and configures an nfs4 daemon with the standard accompanying services, portmapd and idmapd.

To use this, client services must implement hooks for a storage relation that is compatible with the 'mount' interface ( '' ).

Exported shares get created as new services are joined.

Service units with the same servicename share the same exported filesystem.

Here's a simple example


juju bootstrap

# spin up an app... wiki for example
juju deploy mysql
juju deploy mediawiki
juju add-relation mysql mediawiki

# spin up storage
juju deploy nfs

# add storage to the app
juju deploy --config nfs-client.yaml nfs-client
# config tells it where to mount
juju add-relation mediawiki nfs-client
juju add-relation nfs-client:nfs nfs

but with more than one client service, you've really got to name the sub


juju bootstrap

# spin up a couple of wikis
juju deploy mysql

juju deploy mediawiki wiki1
juju add-relation mysql wiki1

juju deploy mediawiki wiki2
juju add-relation mysql wiki2

# spin up storage
juju deploy nfs uploadstore

juju deploy --config etc/wiki1-nfs-client.yaml nfs-client wiki1-nfs-client
juju add-relation wiki1 wiki1-nfs-client
juju add-relation wiki1-nfs-client:nfs uploadstore

juju deploy --config etc/wiki2-nfs-client.yaml nfs-client wiki2-nfs-client
juju add-relation wiki2 wiki2-nfs-client
juju add-relation wiki2-nfs-client:nfs uploadstore

where wiki1-nfs-client.yaml looks like:

  mountpoint: "/var/lib/mediawiki/images"


(string) Default mount options
(string) Default mount owner
(string) Where to mount the remote share