nextcloud #6

Supports: bionic disco
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Relate nextcloud to postgresql to get started. More capable installations puts an ssl-termination proxy in front and adds collabora.

How to use the nextcloud charm

This nextcloud server will default run on port 80.

Relate this charm with either mysql or postgresql.

Example deploy

Below is a manual test deployment without SSL/TLS using a single machine and 4G ram.

juju deploy cs:~erik-lonroth/nextcloud --constraints="mem=4G"
juju deploy postgresql --to 0
juju relate postgresql:db nextcloud:postgres
juju expose nextcloud

Example deploy with separate storage

This deploys nextcloud and places the data directory on a separate disk.

juju deploy cs:~erik-lonroth/nextcloud --storage data=120G --constraints="mem=8G"
juju deploy postgresql --to 0
juju relate postgresql:db nextcloud:postgres
juju expose nextcloud

You can use the juju storage functionality to achieve the same thing on many clouds.

Attaching storage to a already running instance of this charm is supported as:

juju add-storage nextcloud/0 data=ebs,10G,1

The charm will then: * move the current /var/www/nextcloud/data location to a backup directory /var/www/nextcloud/data-XXXXXXXXX. * rsync data to from the data directory into the new disk * Create a symlink from /var/www/nextcloud/data to the new disk with the migrated data.

Use this with caution of you have alot (terrabytes) of data already in your installation as a migration process of that sort can be scary.

For a GB:s of data under /var/www/nextcloud/data, you should be good and no data will be deleted.

Example deploy of a bundle

The nextcloud-collabora-tls bundle deploys a full collaboration office suite with collabora online with letsencrypt SSL certificates.

Initial login


username: admin

password: mypassword

Change default passwords as soon as possible.


The charm has a few configuration variables you might want to set, depending on your needs.

A reconfig will trigger a 'systemctl reload apache2'

  • fqdn:

Set this if you have a DNS entry, E.g. You will avoid "untrusted domain" messages in your browser with a valid domain name set here.

juju config nextcloud
  • php_upload_max_filesize:

Set this to a value reflecting the files you expect coming via the file sync. Default is 512MB.

juju config nextcloud php_upload_max_filesize="1G"

See the configuration (config.yaml) for more options.


This charm provides the following actions that might be useful.

action: add-trusted-domain

This action adds a trusted_domain through the nextcloud occ command.

juju run-action nextcloud/0 add-trusted-domain index=4 domain=""

The server will now accept requests via

action: add-missing-indices

This action runs 'occ db:add-missing-indices' as part of optimizing the database, which can be done safely while the server is online.

juju run-action nextcloud/0 add-missing-indices

action: convert-filecache-bigint

This action runs 'occ db:aconvert-filecache-bigint' as part of optimizing the database. This also takes care of placing the server in maintenance while the action is running.

juju run-action nextcloud/0 convert-filecache-bigint

action: maintenance

Takes the site in (enable=true) or out (enable=false) of maintenance mode.

juju run-action nextcloud/0 maintenance enable=true

Installed version of Nextcloud

This charm installs a fairly recent release from nextcloud releases defined in the apache.yaml file. If you need to install another version as part of your deploy - talk to the charm Maintainer.

Upgrading Nextcloud

Its safe to use the Nextcloud web-gui for normal operational upgrades. You find it in the "Overview" section in the deployed nextcloud.

Paying me for work

I will update this charm on your explicit request in the Github repo. I'll accept payment in crypto.

  • bitcoincash:qzucec796gtey4qr4fg58rrd85zrlg5sw5pezeh6vs
  • bitcoin:1Hv6ngPnk7MDt5Gnxr6z6Pu7DgJiSKCTwR


(string) The NextCloud admin password, only used at deploy, change with occ or web gui
(string) The NextCloud admin user, only used at deploy, change with occ or web gui.
(string) Space separated list of extra deb packages to install.
(string) FQDN of Nextcloud instance
(string) List of signing keys for install_sources package sources, per charmhelpers standard format (a yaml list of strings encoded as a string). The keys should be the full ASCII armoured GPG public keys. While GPG key ids are also supported and looked up on a keyserver, operators should be aware that this mechanism is insecure. null can be used if a standard package signing key is used that will already be installed on the machine, and for PPA sources where the package signing key is securely retrieved from Launchpad.
(string) List of extra apt sources, per charm-helpers standard format (a yaml list of strings encoded as a string). Each source may be either a line that can be added directly to sources.list(5), or in the form ppa:<user>/<ppa-name> for adding Personal Package Archives, or a distribution component to enable.
(string) The status of service-affecting packages will be set to this value in the dpkg database. Valid values are "install" and "hold".
(int) Setting for php
(string) Setting for php
(string) Setting for php
(string) Setting for php
(int) Port on which to listen