nextcloud #2

Supports: bionic disco
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Relate nextcloud to postgresql to get started.
More capable installations puts an ssl-termination proxy in front and adds collabora.

How to use it

This nextcloud server will default un on port 80.

Relate this charm with either mysql or postgresql.

Have a look at this
nextcloud-collabora-tls bundle
to deploy a full collaboration office suite with collabora online
with letsencrypt SSL certificates.

Example deploy

juju deploy cs:~erik-lonroth/nextcloud
juju deploy postgresql
juju relate postgresql:db nextcloud:postgres
juju expose nextcloud

Useful configuration

Setting the fqdn is useful if you have a DNS entry. You will avoid "untrusted domain" messages
in your browser with a valid domain name here.

juju config nextcloud

Adding a trusted_domain

Its useful to be able to add a trusted_domain to the nextcloud config.php.
This can be done with a juju action which is a mimic of the
"occ" command

juju run-action nextcloud/0 add-trusted-domain index=4 domain=""

The server will now accept requests via

Initial login

username: admin
password: mypassword

Yes, you should change this.

A bundle for testing

Nextcloud version

Nextcloud is downloaded and installed from []

You can change the version that gets installed by editing the '''apache.yaml'''.

The layer-apache installs the site under /var/www/nextcloud


(string) The NextCloud admin password
(string) The NextCloud admin user
(string) FQDN of Nextcloud instance
(int) Port on which to listen