reviewboard oauth #5

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This reviewboard extension allows authentication via OAuth.


Currently github is the only supported OAuth provider.

The reviewboard-oauth charm is subordinate to the reviewboard charm. In
particular, it modifies /var/www/reviewboard/conf/ and
reloads reviewboard.

The charm installs the Python dist package from PyPI (using pip) and
registers the reviewboard extension. At some point it will also enable
the extension in reviewboard, but for now you must do that manually.


The "provider-credentials" setting has a specific format:

:: [...]*

The provider is the lower-case name of a registered provider (for now
the only supported one is "github"). The app ID is the ID the provider
generated for you. The secret is the corresponding "key" the provider
gives you. More than one provider may be accommodated in
"provider-credentials" by specifying them with a space separating each
provider's credentials. See hooks/

Currently settings are persisted by adding them to the reviewboard
instances They may be later moved to reviewboard's


The code for the charm is officially maintained at:

and the bug tracker for the charm is:

Other Notes

This charm is based loosely on the reviewboard charm:


(string) A space-separated list of <provider>:<ID>:<secret>.