siege #0

Supports: trusty

Add to new model



Requires Juju 1.23 or later


juju bootstrap juju deploy mysql juju deploy mediawiki juju deploy siege juju add-relation mysql:db mediawiki:db juju add-relation siege:website mediawiki:website

List actions

$ juju action defined siege siege: Standard siege benchmark.

Run an action

Choose an action to run, like siege

$ juju action do siege/0 siege Action queued with id: 097d714d-455e-47d6-8cc9-3eef5f9d5cad

Run siege with custom parameters

$ juju action do siege/0 siege time=30s concurrency=30

Check on actions

Make sure it's completed

$ juju action status 097d714d-455e-47d6-8cc9-3eef5f9d5cad id: 097d714d-455e-47d6-8cc9-3eef5f9d5cad status: completed

Get results

$ juju action fetch 097d714d-455e-47d6-8cc9-3eef5f9d5cad results: meta: start: 2015-01-27T16:52:05Z stop: 2015-01-27T16:52:20Z results: concurrent: units: "" value: "24.64" elapsed: units: secs value: "14.69" failed: units: "" value: "0" okay: units: "" value: "5216" response-time: units: secs value: "0.07" throughput: units: MB/sec value: "0.20" timestamp: units: "" value: 2015-01-2716:52:20 transactions: units: hits value: "5216" transfer-rate: units: trans/sec value: "355.07" transfered: units: MB value: "3" status: completed