service account #5

  • By ec0
  • stable
Supports: bionic xenial


Used to configure required users and groups for a charm without reinventing the wheel (get it?) each time. Not intended for standalone use, or for interactive users. Users will be created with a null password to prevent interactive login, and will have their shell set to /bin/false.


Apache 2.0 License

This is the base layer for all reactive Charms. It provides all of the standard Juju hooks and starts the reactive framework when these hooks get executed. It also bootstraps the charm-helpers and charms.reactive libraries, and all of their dependencies for use by the Charm.


Go read the layer-basic documentation for more info on how to use this layer. It is now hosted together with the charms.reactive documentation in order to reduce the amount of places a charmer needs to search for info.


(string) Comma separated list of groups to create. User accounts will not be created
(string) Comma separated list of users to create. Groups with the same name will be created.
(string) Ensure the provided groups, comma separated, have the GID specified after '='. e.g. ubuntu=1000,storage=1001
(string) Ensure the users provided, comma separated, are members of the provided groups, colon separated, following '='. e.g. ubuntu=sudo:wheel,storage=storage,sudo
(string) Ensure the provided users, comma separated, have the UID specified after '='. e.g. ubuntu=1000,storage=1001