lidarr #0

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Supports: bionic xenial
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Installs lidarr with relations for registering downloaders and notifications


This charm provides Lidarr. Lidarr is an automatic NZB downloader for music.


To deploy:

juju deploy cs:~pirate-charmers/lidarr

This charm implements * interface:reverseproxy intended for use with the HAProxy Charm. This should be used if remote access is required to enable TLS encryption. * interface:usenetdownloader intended for use with the Sabnzbd Charm.

Known Limitations and Issues

This charm is under development, several other use cases/features are still under consideration. Merge requests are certainly appreciated, some examples of current limitations include.

  • Scale out usage is not intended, I'm not even sure what use it would be
  • The GitHub API is used to find the latest release, and if the install hook runs too many time, you could find yourself hitting an API limit will cause the hook to fail


You will most likely want to use a bundle to set options during deployment.

See the full list of configuration options below. This will detail some of the options that are worth highlighting.

  • restore-config: Combined with a resource allows restoring a previous configuration. This can also be used to migrate from non-charmed Lidarr. The Lidarr backup zip needs to be attached as the resource Lidarrconfig.
  • backup-count: This configuration is not currently used.
  • backup-location: A folder to sync the Lidarr backups to daily, number and frequency of backups are controlled by Lidarr . This charm simply syncs (including deletions) the Backup folder to another location of your choosing.
  • proxy-*: The proxy settings allow configuration of the reverseproxy interface that will be registered during relation.
  • hostname will allow you to customize the hostname, be aware that doing this can cause multiple hosts to have the same hostname if you scale out the number of units. Setting hostname to "$UNIT" will set the hostname to the juju unit id. Note scaling out is not supported, tested, or useful.

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Lidarr charm-haproxy charm-sabnzbd interface-reverseproxy interface-usenetdownloader


(int) Number of backups to keep
(string) Interval to create backup, takes a cron compatible string
(string) Location to store backups
(string) The host name to set
(string) The user and groups to install Lidarr under. These will be created automatically
(int) Port for Lidarr
(string) Subdomain to request from reverse proxy
(string) The name of the backend this charm will use, this should be unique for deployment/reverseproxy. Lidarr is not designed to be run in HA with multiple units grouped
(int) Port to request for reverse proxy access
(string) Urlbase for reverse proxy, must start with a "/"
(boolean) Restore a previous configuration from resource
(string) Comma separated list of groups to create. User accounts will not be created
(string) Comma separated list of users to create. Groups with the same name will be created.
(string) Ensure the provided groups, comma separated, have the GID specified after '='. e.g. ubuntu=1000,storage=1001
(string) Ensure the users provided, comma separated, are members of the provided groups, colon separated, following '='. e.g. ubuntu=sudo:wheel,storage=storage,sudo
(string) Ensure the provided users, comma separated, have the UID specified after '='. e.g. ubuntu=1000,storage=1001