mongodb #1

Supports: kubernetes

Deploy this charm on Kubernetes with the CLI. Find out how by reading the docs.


MongoDB is a general purpose distributed document database. This charm deploys and operators MongoDB on kubernetes Clusters. It supports replicated MongoDB databases.

MongoDB Operator


The MongoDB operator provides a general purpose distributed document database. This repository contains a Juju Charm for deploying MongoDB on Kubernetes clusters.


A typical setup using snaps, for deployments to a microk8s cluster can be done using the following commands

sudo snap install microk8s --classic
microk8s.enable dns storage registry dashboard
sudo snap install juju --classic
juju bootstrap microk8s microk8s
juju create-storage-pool operator-storage kubernetes storage-class=microk8s-hostpath


Install the charmcraft tool

sudo snap install charmcraft

Build the charm in this git repository

charmcraft build


Create a Juju model for your operators, say "lma"

juju add-model lma

Deploy a single unit of MongoDB using its default configuration

juju deploy ./mongodb.charm

It is customary to use MongoDB with replication. Hence usually more than one unit (preferably and odd number) is deployed. Additionally units (say two more) may be deployed using

juju add-unit -n 2 mongodb

Alternatively multiple MongoDB units may be deployed at the outset. This is usually faster

juju deploy -n 3 ./mongodb.charm

If required, remove the deployed monitoring model completely

juju destroy-model -y lma --no-wait --force --destroy-storage

Note the --destroy-storage will delete any data stored by MongoDB in its persistent store.


Currently supported relations are

  • Peer relations for replication
  • Provides a mongodb database interface.


Use your existing Python 3 development environment or create and activate a Python 3 virtualenv

virtualenv -p python3 venv
source venv/bin/activate

Install the development requirements

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt


Just run run_tests:



(string) Name of the replica set