jenkins #48

Supports: precise


Jenkins is a Continous Integration server supporting flexible continous integration and deployment methodologies and more. . This charm provides the Jenkins master instance in a deployment

Jenkins Charm for Juju

This charm (along with its companion, jenkins-slave) provide an easy way to deploy Jenkins on Ubuntu server and scale out jenkins slaves::

juju deploy jenkins
juju deploy -n 5 jenkins-slave
juju add-relation jenkins jenkins-slave

The default password for the 'admin' account will be auto-generated.

You can set it using::

juju set jenkins password=mypassword

Always change it this way - this account is used by the charm to manage slave configuration.

Then feel free to expose your jenkins master::

juju expose jenkins

The jenkins UI will be accessible on http://:8080

Extending this charm

If you wish to perform custom configuration of either the master or slave services, you can branch this charm and add install hooks into hooks/install.d.

These will be executed when the main install, config-changed or upgrade-charm hooks are executed (as the config-changed and upgrade-charm hooks just call install)..

Additional hooks are executed in the context of the install hook so may use any variables which are defined in this hook.


(string) Simple flags intended to be consumed by the scripts in install.d. Allowing further deploy-time flexability. For example, a flag called 'production' could signify special scripts should be executed that would normally be disabled.
(string) Base64 encoded tar.gz to extract in the jenkins user's home directory. The tar.gz should have relative paths rooted in the home directory itself. e.g.: ./.ssh/config
(string) Admin user password - used to manage slave nodes so please don't change in Jenkins.
(string) Space separated list of plugins to install
(string) Set to no to allow downloading from an invalid https site.
(string) Site to download plugin .hpi files from.
(string) Source of Jenkins, options include: - distro: only use the Ubuntu distribution - this is the default and only works on >= Oneiric. - lts: use the most recent Jenkins LTS release. - trunk: use the most recent Jenkins release.
(string) Set this to yes to remove any plugins not listed in plugins from the installation.
(string) Tooling to deploy alongside jenkins
git gcc make bzr
(string) Admin user username - used to manage slave nodes so please don't change in Jenkins.