dataart telco demo #13

Supports: trusty

DataArt's demo bundle

  • Deploy value add services to mesos cluster.

  • Audo scale of environment: applications count and mesos cluster(add juju unit of mesos-slave)

Configuration of bundle

The following services of bundle require extra configuration

1. telscale-restcomm

  • voicerss_key - you should specify API key form coicerss service
  • init_password - you can change admin password during setup prcess
  • static_ip - if you use AWS elastic IP you can specify it here (optional)

2. monitor-server

  • JUJU_API_HOST - you can specify IP address of juju-gui if you don't have ability to make relation between this charm and juju-gui charm
  • JUJU_API_PASSWORD - you should specify admin password of juju-gui

Value add services configuration

You can specify restcomm uase and password for our value add services

Also you can specify phone number for some services too

Bundle configuration