libvirt companion #1

Supports: xenial bionic focal


Configure libvirt parameters such as IOPS per second


This charm is intended as a subordinate charm to the nova-compute charm and its purpose is to set/override libvirt specific parameters such as IOPS per second.

To achieve this goal, the charm relies on libvirt specific commands such as

virsh blkdeviotune


Example usage:

juju deploy libvirt-companion
juju config libvirt-companion read-iops-sec=200 write-iops-sec=100
juju config libvirt-companion excluded-instances "ae52af9a-5799-24fe-0501-f6ec802ee889 bcb8f4ec-6337-4b69-a408-2498578e78bf"
juju add-relation libvirt-companion nova-compute

To remove it:

juju config libvirt-companion read-iops-sec=0 write-iops-sec=0
juju remove-application libvirt-companion

Contact Information

Distributed Computing and Storage department at GARR, the Italian National Research and Education Network.

E-mail address: Website:


(string) A space separated list of openstack instance ids to leave untouched
(int) specifies read I/O operations limit per second for each block device
(int) specifies write I/O operations limit per second for each block device