kubernetes openstack integrator #2

Supports: bionic
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A highly-available, production-grade Kubernetes cluster.

The Kubernetes bundle for Hack The Cloud 2019

The following instructions will get you a Kubernetes cluster deployed on the GARR Cloud.


juju deploy <path/to/bundle>.yaml --trust


If you want to remove and re-deploy the same bundle in the same openstack project please do as follows:

Remove the applications from the juju model

juju remove-application containerd easyrsa etcd flannel kubernetes-master kubernetes-worker openstack-integrator

If some units are in an error or blocked state, execute a juju remove-machine for the remaining machines.

Use the openstack cli to remove the lbaas related resources previously created

source <app-cred-openrc>.sh

where app-cred-openrc.sh is the application credential related to your user account. If you do not have an application credential, you can follow this guide to create it (https://cloud.garr.it/compute/app-credential/).

neutron lbaas-listener-delete <ids>

where ids are all the ids that the command neutron lbaas-listener-list returns.

neutron lbaas-pool-delete <ids>

where ids are all the ids that the command neutron lbaas-pool-list returns.

neutron lbaas-loadbalancer-delete <ids>

where ids are all the ids that the command neutron lbaas-loadbalancer-list returns.

Delete security groups

opensack security group delete <ids>

where ids are all the ids that the command openstack security group list returns EXCEPT the default security group.

Release Floating IPs

opensack floating ip delete <ids>

where ids are all the ids in status DOWN that the command openstack floating ip list returns.

Re-deploy the bundle

juju deploy <path/to/bundle>.yaml --trust

Bundle configuration

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