jenkins workspace #1

Supports: xenial trusty
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Deploys the workspace configuration to customize build projects in Jenkins.


This is a subordinate charm used to configure the Jenkins builders for a
deployed jenkins charm.

Jenkins is an automation engine with a plugin ecosystem that supports a variety
of tools to create delivery pipelines, continuous integration, automated
testing, or continuous delivery.

This subordinate customizes the workspace on any unit added to the horizontally
scalable Jenkins server.


Deploy the jenkins charm and deploy the jenkins-workspace charm and relate the
two charms in Juju:

juju deploy jenkins
juju deploy jenkins-workspace
juju add-relation jenkins jenkins-workspace

Then you need to add the "workspace" resource to the jenkins-workspace charm.
The workspace resource is a compressed archive of at a minimum, a directory
with the buildler name, and a config.xml with the builder definition.

Add the resource using the Juju resources feature:

juju attach jenkins-workspace workspace=kubernetes-builder.tgz

Supported Actions


snapshot - Create a compressed snapshot of the workspace directories. The
resulting tgz file is compatible with this charm's resource.

Example snapshot operation:

# Create the snapshot of the current Jenkins Jobs.
juju run-action jenkins-workspace/0 snapshot outfile=/home/ubuntu/snapshot.tgz
# Copy the snapshot out of the charm to the local directory.
juju scp jenkins-workspace/0:/home/ubuntu/snapshot.tgz .


restore-snapshot - Takes a Juju resource (tgz file) and installs the
workspaces uncompresses to the Jenkins jobs directory. Using the atomic flag
allows the removal of existing workspaces before the resource is expanded.

# Upload a new resource to the jenkins-workspace charm.
juju attach jenkins-workspace workspace=./snapshot.tgz
# Delete current Jenkins jobs and install the current workspace resource.
juju run-action jenkins-workspace restore-snapshot atomic=True

Further information

This charm was built from a the
jenkins-workspace layer

Check out the Jenkins documentation for more
information about Jenkins and workspaces.

The Jenkins charm is available at the Juju
Charm Store.