gcp integrator #145

Supports: focal bionic xenial


This charm can grant select permissions to instances of applications related to it which enable integration with GCP specific features, such as firewalls, load balancing, block storage, object storage, etc.


This charm acts as a proxy to GCP and provides an interface to apply a certain set of changes via roles, profiles, and tags to the instances of the applications that are related to this charm.

This charm is a component of Charmed Kubernetes. For full information, please visit the official Charmed Kubernetes docs.


(string) The base64-encoded contents of an GCP credentials JSON file. This can be used from bundles with 'include-base64://' (see https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/charms-bundles#setting-charm-configurations-options-in-a-bundle), or from the command-line with 'juju config gcp credentials="$(base64 /path/to/file)"'. It is strongly recommended that you use 'juju trust' instead, if available.
(string) How often snapd handles updates for installed snaps. The default (an empty string) is 4x per day. Set to "max" to check once per month based on the charm deployment date. You may also set a custom string as described in the 'refresh.timer' section here: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/system-options/87