mongodb exporter #2

Supports: trusty


MongoDB exporter for, written in go.


This project builds a reactive layered charm for mongodb_exporter.


In this directory, with $JUJU_REPOSITORY set:

$ make clean all

Will compile mongodb_exporter from latest Github master and build the charm with the static binary included.


This charm is a subordinate that adds an HTTP metric scrape endpoint to MongoDB.

$ juju deploy mongodb
$ juju deploy prometheus
$ juju deploy cs:~cmars/trusty/mongodb-exporter
$ juju add-relation mongodb mongodb-exporter
$ juju add-relation mongodb-exporter prometheus

This will expose HTTP operational metrics on all mongodb units, which prometheus will pull from.


Copyright 2016 Casey Marshall. Distributed under the Apache Public License 2.0.


Currently there are no configuration options, and mongodb_exporter assumes it can connect to localhost:27017 when deployed onto a mongodb service.

Only trusty is supported, mostly because there isn't a production-ready mongodb charm ready for xenial yet.

Alternative methods for delivering the mongodb_exporter binary.