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Hockeypuck provides OpenPGP public key directory services over the HTTP Keyserver
Protocol (HKP). It is capable of peering with SKS and other Hockeypuck instances
to propagate public key certification changes over a gossip network protocol.


Hockeypuck is a public key server, which functions as a directory service
for OpenPGP keys. This charm can be used to deploy a standalone keyserver or a
synchronizing pool.


To deploy this charm you will need at a minimum: a cloud environment, working
Juju installation and a successful bootstrap. Once bootstrapped, deploy this
Hockeypuck charm with:

$ juju deploy hockeypuck

Hockeypuck requires a PostgreSQL database:

$ juju deploy postgresql
$ juju add-relation hockeypuck postgresql:db

Hockeypuck can cluster with other Hockeypuck peers:

$ juju add-unit hockeypuck
$ juju add-relation hockeypuck/0 hockeypuck/1

Or peer with the SKS charm through the gossip/peer relation:

$ juju deploy sks
$ juju add-relation hockeypuck:peer sks:gossip

The 'gossip' and 'peer' relations are identical for these charms. This has
the same effect:

$ juju add-relation hockeypuck:gossip sks:peer

Expose the Hockeypuck keyserver with:

juju expose hockeypuck

More Information

Hockeypuck documentation is available online at: