scaleio sdc #6

Supports: xenial trusty precise
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ScaleIO SDC service


This charm provides deployment of ScaleIO SDC.

It cannot be placed into containers because it installs kernel driver and does other low-level operations.

Before deployment you might want to make sure that kernel you have on the nodes for ScaleIO SDC installation (compute and cinder nodes in case of OpenStack deployment) is suitable for the drivers present here: Look for something like Ubuntu/2.0.5014.0/4.2.0-30-generic. Local kernel version can be found with uname -a command.


The charm can be fetched from the JuJu charm-store.

Or it can be installed locally in the following manner:

  1. cd to directory where trusty/scaleio-sdc resides
  2. use command juju deploy local:trusty/scaleio-sdc


Deploy an SDC
juju deploy scaleio-sdc

Connect SDC to MDM
juju add-relation scaleio-sdc scaleio-mdm

Add two more SDCs
juju add-unit scaleio-sdc -n 2


  • scaleio-packages-url - URL of ScaleIO 2.x packages where charm can find them in appropriate structure.
  • scaleio-driver-ftp - FTP to fetch ScaleIO SDC drivers from


Should be related to scaleio-mdm.

Usage with OpenStack

Should be placed in the same machines where nova-compute or cinder charms reside.


(string) URL for script from sdc package to sync & verify driver.
(string) URL of ScaleIO packages where charm can find them in appropriate structure.