mssql express #6

Supports: win2012 win2012r2 win2016


Microsoft SQL Server Express is a version of Microsoft's SQL Server relational database management system that is free to download, distribute and use. It comprises a database specifically targeted for embedded and smaller-scale applications.


SQL Server Express Edition is a scaled down, free edition of SQL Server, which includes the core database engine. While there are no limitations on the number of databases or users supported, it is limited to using 1 processor socket, 1 GB memory and 10 GB database files.

More information about the differences between SQL Server editions can be found on the Microsoft website.


General Usage

To deploy a MSSQL Express service:

juju deploy cs:~cloudbaseit/mssql-express --series <supported_windows_series>


  • version - Choose the SQL Server Express version to be deployed. Supported versions: 2012, 2014. The installer specific to the version is downloaded from the Internet, checked for integrity with SHA1 checksum and then installed.

  • sa-password - Password used by the System Administrator special login.

  • installer-url - If provided, it overrides the default download url for the MSSQL installer. This should be provided, for example, when the MSSQL installer is found somewhere on a local web server.

NOTE: version and installer-url won't change anything in the charm if dynamically changed. This values are used only in the install hook, when service is installed.

SA password can be dynamically changed by:

juju set mssql-express sa-password=Password123

NOTE: sa-password must respect the minimum complexity policy enforced by Microsoft. More details on this page at the section Password Complexity.


(string) This option overrides the default value for download link when selecting MSSQL version. If provided, this value will be used regardless of selected version of MSSQL in the "version" config option.
(string) Password used by the SA login. System administrator (SA) is a special login assigned to the 'sysadmin' fixed server role and cannot be changed.
(int) Microsoft SQL Server Express version to be installed by the charm. The installer specific to this version is downloaded and installed unless "installer-url" config option is specified. Supported versions are: 2012, 2014.