duplicati #2

Supports: bionic xenial
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Duplicati backup server with reverse-proxy interface support


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(int) Port duplicati is running on, the charm will not set this but needs to know for reverse proxy setup
(string) Subdomain to request from reverse proxy
(int) Port to request for reverse proxy access
(boolean) Restrict proxy to private subnets
(string) Urlbase for revrse proxy, must start with a "/"
(boolean) Allow remote access
(string) Comma separated list of groups to create. User accounts will not be created
(string) Comma separated list of users to create. Groups with the same name will be created.
(string) Ensure the provided groups, comma separated, have the GID specified after '='. e.g. ubuntu=1000,storage=1001
(string) Ensure the users provided, comma separated, are members of the provided groups, colon separated, following '='. e.g. ubuntu=sudo:wheel,storage=storage,sudo
(string) Ensure the provided users, comma separated, have the UID specified after '='. e.g. ubuntu=1000,storage=1001