influxdb #4

Supports: trusty


Scalable Time Series DB for use with Grafana.


InfluxDB is an open-source, distributed, time series database. This charm is designed to act as a data source for the grafana charm: cs:~cherylj/trusty/grafana

This charm is a test and should not be used in production.


Deploy the grafana charm, and the required influxDB charm with the following:

juju deploy cs:~cherylj/trusty/grafana
juju deploy cs:~cherylj/trusty/influx

Add the relation between the two charms:

juju add-relation grafana:query influxdb:query

Expose the grafana charm:

juju expose grafana

You can then access the grafana interface at the public interface shown from juju status. The following video shows how to generate the graph of the data:

Feeding data into influxDB

The influxDB charm currently has a static port for feeding data into grafana: 8217. Data should be sent on this port to the influxDB host in the following format:

The metric path is the series you will select in grafana to graph the data.