grafana influxdb bundle #3

Supports: trusty


This bundle deploys three charms to show a proof of concept deployment of Grafana monitoring with an InfluxDB backend.

Grafana is a general purpose dashboard and graph composer. It can be used to visualize monitoring data for your environment.

This bundle is a test and should not be used in production.


Once the bundle has deployed, you can access the grafana interface at the public interface shown from juju status.

To view the data generated by the influxdb-injecter charm, click on the title of the first graph and then click edit. The series name to select is series-.

The following video shows how to generate the graph in grafana:

Feeding more data into influxDB

The influxDB charm currently has a static port for feeding data into grafana: 8217. Data should be sent on this port to the influxDB host in the following format:

The metric path is the series you will select in grafana to graph the data.

Bundle configuration