kibana #11

Supports: trusty
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alternative (better) logstash frontend


This charm provides kibana from ( Kibana is a search frontend for logstash.

Using This Charm

using this charm :

juju deploy kibana
juju expose kibana

not much use on its own ... you'll probably want the full stack

juju deploy elasticsearch
juju deploy logstash-indexer
juju add-relation logstash-indexer elasticsearch:cluster
juju deploy kibana
juju add-relation kibana elasticsearch
juju expose kibana

browse to http://ip-address to begin searching.


Kibana source tarball will be downloaded and verified according to the configured values in 'kibana_source' and 'kibana_source_checksum', which default to::

It will, obviously, require internet access on deployed nodes.

This behavior can be bypassed by providing <charm>/files/kibana.tgz payload prior deployment. The given payload will be used, without any checksum verification, and unpacked to /srv/kibana4.


listens only on localhost:5601. uses rinetd to redirect ip-addr:80 to localhost:5601. This should allow for haproxy etc to be used in front. Could configure apache reverse proxy in front if you want SSL / .htaccess


  • supports multiple ES servers in cluster. This should help with balancing the load on ES and dealing with failure.

  • see logstash-indexer charm's file for usage examples.

Contact Information

Author: Paul Czarkowski Report bugs at: Location:


(string) URL to download the source for kibana
(string) the sha1sum of the kibana_source
(string) The url path of kibana. This is required if kibana is proxied at a non root path. e.g.
(int) The tcp port on which nginx will listen.