midonet gateway #0

Supports: trusty


The MidoNet Gateway is a charm that pulls midonet-agent into the host and talks to midonet-api in order to announce itself as one of the gateways for the service. Can't be deployed LXC.

MidoNet Gateway


This charm does its job by interfacing with other charms: - MidoNet Agent: the user-space daemon that will bind the interface to the gateway. Will be pulled into the same machine as a subordinate. - MidoNet API: Will receive from this charm the necessary information to call its REST API with enough information for the API to configure the midonet-gateway machine as one of the gateways of the overlay.


juju deploy midonet-agent
juju deploy midonet-api
juju deploy midonet-gateway

then make the agent connect to the distributed data

juju add-relation midonet-agent zookeeper
juju add-relation midonet-agent cassandra:database

also the api juju add-relation midonet-api zookeeper

Then you can connect midonet-agent to the midonet-api so that it will be added to the default tunnel zone:

juju add-relation midonet-agent midonet-api

Finally, you relate midonet-api and midonet-gateway:

juju add-relation midonet-api midonet-gateway


(string) Interface to use for gateway purposes to the MidoNet overlay.