openstack pypi mirror #0

Supports: trusty


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Openstack PyPi Mirror Charm for Juju

This charm provide an easy way to deploy Openstack PyPi Mirror on Ubuntu server:

juju deploy pypi-mirror
juju add-relation apache pypi-mirror
juju expose pypi-mirror

juju deploy apache2 apache-pypi-mirror
juju expose apache-pypi-mirror
nova add-floating-ip apache-instance-id apache-allocated-ip
    juju set apache-pypi-mirror servername=apache-allocated-ip

juju set apache-pypi-mirror "vhost_http_template=$(base64 < templates/pypi-mirror_apache_vhost)"

Then setup apache-pypi-mirror relationship: juju add-relation apache-pypi-mirror:reverseproxy pypi-mirror:website

Then enable apache2 modules that are needed for this project: juju set apache-pypi-mirror enable_modules="rewrite proxy proxy_http"

pypi-mirror should be exposed at http://<>