snmpd #0

Supports: xenial bionic focal


snmpd is an SNMP agent which binds to a port and awaits requests from SNMP management software. Upon receiving a request, it processes the request(s), collects the requested information and/or performs the requested operation(s) and returns the information to the sender.

Juju SNMPD subordinate charm

This subordinate charm will deploy snmpd

Read metadata file for options.


(string) Multi-line string that contains ACL's, will be copied directly into the snmpd.conf
(string) Space separated list of extra deb packages to install. Examples: "snmp,libsnmp-dev"
(string) YAML list of GPG keys for installation sources, as a string. For apt repository URLs, use the public key ID used to verify package signatures. For other sources such as PPA, use empty string. This list must have the same number of elements as install_sources, even if the key items are all empty string. An example to go with the above for install_sources: install_keys: | - "" - ""
(string) YAML list of additional installation sources, as a string. The number of install_sources must match the number of install_keys. For example: install_sources: | - ppa:project1/ppa - ppa:project2/ppa
(string) Multi-line string containing other valid snmpd.conf statements that are appended to the snmpd.conf
(string) The textual identification of the contact person for this managed node, together with information on how to contact this person."
Your Name <your@email.address>
(string) The physical location of this node (e.g., 'telephone closet, 3rd floor').