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Supports: xenial
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Cinder is the block storage service for the Openstack project.
This charm provides a Pure Storage Purity storage backend for Cinder

Pure Storage Purity Backend for Cinder

This charm provides a Purity storage backend for use with the Cinder

Missing Features

Fibre Channel Connectivity.
Only ISCSI is available at thie time.
SSL Configuration
Replication Settings & Capabilities

Limitations and Known Issues

If you do not set up the nodes hosting instances to use multipathing, all network connectivity will use a
single physical port on the array. In addition to significantly limiting the available bandwidth, this
means you do not have the high-availability and non-disruptive upgrade benefits provided by FlashArray.
Multipathing must be used to take advantage of these benefits.

Pre-Flight Setup

Retrieve an API token from Purity. The OpenStack Block Storage service configuration requires an API token from Purity. Actions performed by the volume driver use this token for authorization. Also, Purity logs the volume driver’s actions as being performed by the user who owns this API token.
If you created a Purity user account that is dedicated to managing your OpenStack Block Storage volumes, copy the API token from that user account.
Use the appropriate create or list command below to display and copy the Purity API token:

To create a new token:

$ pureadmin create --api-token USER

The following is an example output:

$ pureadmin create --api-token pureuser  
Name      API Token                             Created  
pureuser  902fdca3-7e3f-d2e4-d6a6-24c2285fe1d9  2014-08-04 14:50:30

To list an existing API token:

$ pureadmin list --api-token --expose USER

The following is an example output:

$ pureadmin list --api-token --expose pureuser
Name      API Token                             Created
pureuser  902fdca3-7e3f-d2e4-d6a6-24c2285fe1d9  2014-08-04 14:50:30


The cinder-purity charm has the following mandatory configuration.

  1. To access the Purity Backend Storage modify:
    san_ip - IP Address of the Purity API
    pure_api_token - API Token created in above steps

OPTIONAL: Configuration Settings

pure_eradicate_on_delete - Default is False
pure_automatic_max_oversubscription_ratio - Default is False

Add this configuration in a cinder-purity.cfg file before deploying the charm.


juju deploy cinder
juju deploy --config=cinder-purity.cfg cinder-purity
juju add-relation cinder-purity cinder

Contact Information

Brent Clements


(string) The Purity Authorization token that the volume driver uses to perform volume management on the Pure Storage array.
(boolean) No Description
(boolean) To enable auto-eradication of deleted volumes, snapshots, and consistency groups on deletion.
(string) The IP address of the Pure Storage array’s management interface or a domain name that resolves to that IP address.
(string) Use cinder.volume.drivers.pure.PureISCSIDriver for iscsi connectivity. Only Option available at this time. FC Driver in testing.