staticroutes #4

Supports: xenial
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Given a CSV file that contains information about the network, nexthop and
the route to add this will dynamically add new routes to the system if the
system this Charm is deployed on has an interface on the network the route
is to be added for.

Any networks that the host does not have interfaces for will be ignored.

JuJu staticroutes Charm

Currently there is no way for staticroutes to be added to interfaces that may
require it, such as on servers with multiple interfaces, or where specific
traffic has to be routed over particular interfaces.

This charm helps add those static routes as necessary.


How to use this charm:

.. code::

juju deploy cs:~bertjwregeer/staticroutes
juju add-relationship othercharm staticroutes

This makes staticroutes a sub-ordinate of the charm mentioned. This allows it
to easily be deployed across systems in a cluster.

Configuration needs to be provided for this Charm to have any effect, if no
configuration is provided, this Charm is a no-op.


Nothing special yet.

Known Limitations and Issues

None at this moment.

Contact Information

This charm was created by Bert JW Regeer


(string) A CSV that contains information about the network, the next-hop to send traffic to, and the route to add. network,nexthop,route Example:,, 2001:DB8:1000::/64,2001:DB8:1000::1,2001:DB8::/32 Multiple lines can be added. Any networks defined that the host this Charm runs on doesn't have an IP address on will simple be igored.