zabbix #3

Supports: trusty
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This is zabbix server with MySQL support


Make sure you have successfully bootstrapped a Juju Environment. We're going to set up a small environment for Zabbix to monitor.

juju deploy mysql
juju deploy mediawiki
juju add-relation mysql mediawiki:db
juju expose mediawiki

Next, deploy the zabbix charm and zabbix-agent subordinate

juju deploy zabbix
juju deploy zabbix-agent

If you haven't already, deploy MySQL

juju deploy mysql

Then add the relation from MySQL to Zabbix server

juju add-relation mysql zabbix

Create a relation between zabbix and zabbix-agent. This establies the agent <-> remote-agent relationship

juju add-relation zabbix zabbix-agent

Finally, attach the subordinate to the services you with to monitor in your environment

juju add-relation zabbix-agent mysql
juju add-relation zabbix-agent mediawiki

These services should automatically show up in Zabbix after the subordinate it setup.


In order for auto-discovery to work, you must add the autodiscovery action to the configuration of Zabbix webpanel:



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