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BitTornado is a bittorrent client built on the original BitTorrent
client from BitTorrent Inc.

This client features a console and curses mode, lots of features, and is one of the original bittorrent clients created.

Features include:
upload/download speed limitation
prioritised downloading when downloading batches (several files)
detailed information about connections to other peers
encryption (PE/MSE) support (with the recommended python-crypto)
console mode for running from scripts
curses mode for running interactively
* tracker for the distribution of files

This charm installs the bittornado package without GUI.
It is primarily intended for running a headless tracker and/or seeder
in a cloud environment.


This charm provides a BitTorrent tracker and seeder based on bittornado.

See for a description of BitTorrent.


This charm can be used to run a headles BitTorrent tracker and/or seeder.

Tracker/seeder can be enabled/disabled by configuration, see config.yaml.

Install bittornado:

juju deploy bittornado


By default, config.yaml will define the directory for torrents as /srv/, you might want to set that to something more appropriate for your environment.


For a production system, you probably want to add persistent storage for
the torrent files, and if you run a seeder, for the content, so that they
can be shared among several different units for scale-out.

You will probably also want to server the .torrent files via http, ftp or
other methods. This means that you need to share the persistent storage
e.g. with an apache2 unit.

Currently, both persistent storage and combination with other charms is
out of scope for this charm.

Contact Information

Authors: "Alexander List, Brad Marshall"
Report bugs at:


(string) Base directory for code, e.g.