zabbix java gateway #0

Supports: trusty


Network monitoring system with many features. It can be used for:

  • high level monitoring of IT services;
  • centralized monitoring of your servers and applications;
  • monitoring of SNMP-enabled devices;
  • performance monitoring (process load, network activity, disk activity, memory usage, OS parameters etc.);
  • data visualization.


Zabbix is software that monitors numerous parameters of a network and the health and integrity of servers.

Zabbix has native support for monitoring JMX applications by introducing a new Zabbix daemon called "Zabbix Java gateway". Zabbix Java gateway is a daemon written in Java. When Zabbix server wants to know the value of a particular JMX counter on a host, it asks Zabbix Java gateway, which uses the JMX management API to query the application of interest remotely.


This charm is designed to be used with Zabbix Server/Proxy charms.

juju add-relation zabbix-java-gateway zabbix-server


There is listed a few major configuration options which can be changed:

listen_port - Port to listen on incoming connections from Zabbix Server/Proxy

An example, juju set zabbix-agent listen_port=10062

Known Issues / Caveates

Zabbix server/proxy can use different database types, so while relation to database is not added, there is no installed Zabbix server/proxy packages. We recommend to add a relation between Zabbix agent and Zabbix server/proxy after adding relation Zabbix server/proxy with one of available database types. The charm Zabbix server/proxy supports only MySQL database.

In case of relation with Zabbix proxy new host will be not added to monitoring. This option is available for relations with Zabbix server only.

Web Interface username/password

Login: Admin Password: zabbix

–°ontact information


(int) Port to listen on.
(int) Number of worker threads to start.