jenkins lxc #2

Supports: precise

Add to new model


Support running tests, etc. in LXC

This charm installs the run-in-container script, which can be used to run
arbitrary commands in a freshly-created LXC container, in which
/var/lib/jenkins is bind-mounted and the 'jenkins' user has paswordless sudo. The container is cloned from jenkins-test-base, which is created on install.
The jenkins user is also tweaked, to enable SSH.

The SSH tweakage requires the jenkins-lander charm to be deployed on the same

run-in-container takes an instance name as its sole parameter. It accepts a
list of commands on standard input. It is intended to be used with heredocs,
like so:

run-in-container $BUILD_TAG <<EOT cd $(pwd) sudo apt-get install -y build-essential make sysdeps make check EOT sudo lxc-destroy -n $BUILD_TAG -f || true