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Supports: xenial
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Virtual Accelerator provides low latency and high networking throughput while offloading the virtual switching from the Openstack hypervisor networking stack (Neutron). The CPU resources necessary for packet processing are drastically reduced, so that less cores are required to process network traffic at higher rates. It allows a better determinism for your performances.

Virtual Accelerator is fully integrated with Linux and its environment, so that your existing Linux networking scenario does not need to be modified to benefit from packet processing acceleration. For instance, you can still use Linux bridges, OVS, iptables or IPsec and you still benefit from networking acceleration for your VMs.


Virtual Accelerator is a 6WIND solution to enhance network performance on hypervisors. This charm will install the software into /usr/local/bin.


To deploy this charm you will need at a minimum: a working Juju 2.0+ installation (this charm uses the resources feature), a working OpenStack bundle.

This charm has been tested with xenial, with OpenStack Mitaka release.



Deploy the Virtual Accelerator charm and relate it to your Openstack setup:

juju deploy cs:~6wind/virtual-accelerator-compute --resource credentials=~/credentials.deb --resource license=~/va.lic --resource custom_fp_conf=~/custom_fast_path.env

Add relations:

juju add-relation virtual-accelerator-compute nova-compute
juju add-relation virtual-accelerator-compute neutron-openvswitch


Available actions for this charm:

  • restart: This action allows restarting Virtual Accelerator.
  • upgrade: Upgrading Virtual Accelerator according to version parameter. e.g., upgrading to version "1.6".
    juju run-action virtual-accelerator-compute/0 upgrade version="v1.6"


The 6WIND's packages are available from a 6WIND repository server. In order to download these packages, you need to get a credentials file that is available from


If you have one, provide your license file as a resource when deploying. Without it, the Virtual Accelerator will only run for a grace period of 24 hours.

Contact Information

6WIND support -

Upstream Project Name

6WIND website


(string) Enables debug mode on all Virtual Accelerator control plane daemons
(string) FP_MASK defines which cores will be used by the Virtual Accelerator.
(string) VM_MEMORY defines how much memory (in MB) from the hugepages to allocate for virtual machines.
(boolean) Enable debug logging
(boolean) Openstack mostly defaults to using public endpoints for internal communication between services. If set to True this option will configure services to use internal endpoints where possible.
(boolean) Setting this to True will allow supporting services to log to syslog.
(string) Version of Virtual Accelerator to install. Either specify a version number in X.Y format, or specify "stable". Supported versions: - "stable": matches the latest stable release. - "1.7": matches 2018 Q1 release. - "1.6": matches 2017 Q3 release. - "1.5": matches 2017 Q1 release. - "1.4": matches 2016 Q3 release. - "1.3": matches 2016 Q1 release.
(boolean) Enable verbose logging