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SHOUTcast lets you transmit your audio to listeners around the world.

Shoutcast Overview

SHOUTcast is cross-platform proprietary software for streaming media over the Internet. The software, developed by Nullsoft, allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or HE-AAC format, to be broadcast to and from media player software, enabling the creation of Internet radio "stations".

This charm provides a SHOUTcast DNAS server, the base unit for creating your online radio. Combined with the SHOUTcast AutoDJ subordinate you can achieve radio automation of a single stream per AutoDJ subordinate related to this charm.


A typical stand-alone deployment is done by deploying the charm and setting the two required configuration variables:

juju deploy shoutcast
juju set shoutcast password=itsasecret adminpassword=itsreallysecret

You can then browse to http://ip-address:8000 to log into the web service once deployed and view documentation on how to connect to your streaming server.

Additionally its possible to group configurations for your deployments in a yaml representation. Given that we will deploy 2 servers, one named shoutcast and another named relay our config yaml would look like the following

    password: mysecret
    adminpassword: itsnotreallyasecret
    password: yoursecret
    adminpassword: itsnotreallyasecret

then you can deploy your services specifying the config yaml

juju deploy shoutcast --config sample.yaml
juju deploy shoutcast relay --config sample.yaml

Scale out scenarios

You may wish to setup a relay host so you can support more than the default 512 listeners on a given stream. You can achieve having as many 'relay' hosts as you desire by adding additional units and relating them with the relay, and source roles respectively.

juju deploy shoutcast
juju deploy shoutcast relay
juju add-relation shoutcast:scsource relay:screlay

Known Limitations and Issues

Presently the charm only supports single stream server deployment. Additional stream configuration, and custom mount point listing will be planned in the future.

The stream source is only protected by the single password listed in the configuration of the charm. Multi-user scenarios are expected to be used with a shared-password model.

If you didnt specify passwords during deployment

The current expectation of the charm is to call start once. After you've updated the charm with password and adminpassword you will need to kick the shoutcast service on manually via juju run, as calling start from config-changed could potentially interrupt a live broadcast.

juju run --service shoutcast "service shoutcast start"

What gives, I setup/removed a relay and its not showing up/going away

See the instructions above about recycling the shoutcast process, as we value the live-stream more than we value recycling your service.

juju run --service relay "service shoutcast restart"

Contact Information

Charm Maintainer: Charles Butler

Upstream Project Name


(string) password used for accessing the administation pages
(string) password used by the broadcaster or the Winamp dsp plug-in
(int) Port that the shoutcast DNAS server will listen on
(boolean) attempt to make a connection to the YP for listing
(string) Download Source for Shoutcast DNAS
(string) SHA1 checksum of DNAS file