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Description is a service and a tool for terminal screencasting. Service allow you to share your terminal
records like this (

Introduction is a service and a tool for terminal screencasting. This charm will
deploy the latest code to provide the web interface found on


juju deploy mongodb
juju deploy shelrtv
juju add-relation shelrtv mongodb
juju expose shelrtv

Configuration has several additional options for configuration. These are all
optional as the primary charm will deploy and run without issues; however, if
you want to enable different log-in provdiers or configure an "admin" see the
following options. At any time you can run juju get shelrtv to investigate all
available options for your deployment.

google-id, google-secret: The Google Application ID and Secret which can be
obtained by registering your app on Google.

github-id, github-secret: The Github Application ID and Secret which can be
obtained by registering the application on

twitter-id, twitter-secret: The Twitter Application ID and Secret which can
be obtained by registering the application on

god: This will apply "god" access to the supplied User ID, The user ID can be
derived from the User profile URL, eg: In this example
4f809ab19660802ca6000001 would be the user's ID and would be supplied as the
VALUE for this option

To set one or more of these configuration options run the following command

juju set shelrtv OPTION=VALUE [OPTION=VALUE ...]

Where OPTION is one of the aforementioned configuration options, and VALUE is the
value you wish to set for that option. You can set as many options as you'd like
in a single command by continuing to set additional values. An example below:

juju set shelrtv google-id=YourGoogleApplicationID google-secret=YourSecretKey god=8675309


The author reports that pure OpenID support will be added soon, which will negate
the need to use github, twitter, and google settings for login.


  • Browser says: Can not connect to server: Make sure you've executed juju expose shelrtv
  • Browser still says: Can not connect to server: It can sometimes take several
    minutes for the WEBrick Ruby Server to start for the first time, if you've
    recently performed the add-relation command, waiting up to five minutes before
    reporting a bug is recommended.
  • Local shelr won't publish to my new site: The shelr client was just recently
    updated to allow for multiple instances, as such, run gem upgrade to
    pull the latest version down. Once updated get the API key for your user from
    the deployed Juju instance and the public-address for the instance and run the
    following command:
    shelr setup [API_KEY] [PUBLIC-ADDRESS]

This will setup shelr to push all recordings to your new instance. At this time
there is no way to switch hosts on the fly during pushing.

Contact Information


(string) Github Application ID (Login-related)
(string) Github Secret key for API (Login-related)
(string) Defines which User ID is an Admin
(string) Google Application ID (Login-related)
(string) Google Secret key for API (Login-related)
(string) Twitter Application ID (Login-related)
(string) Twitter Secret key for API (Login-related)